Ready for Fall – September 28th

This was done yesterday, September 28th. We just did a coloring page since we didn’t have time for anything big or complicated but it was a cute little fall picture you can get for free from HERE.



Apples for Everyone! – September 25th

Saturday is Johnny Appleseed Day so after learning a bit about Johnny Appleseed we did a themed craft. When I was looking for a Johnny Appleseed craft I saw this really cute pot craft (like the one Johnny wears on his head) and it was a kit you could order (which I wasn’t going to do) but it did give me the idea to make our own. HERE is where I got the idea from and then this is the Johnny Appleseed Pot Hat that we made. 🙂

IMAG00267 IMAG00268

We used 2 pieces of black construction paper (I don’t have gray XD), a part of a red piece, and a small bit of green and brown.

A Little Rock Lobster – September 24th

Today we made a Lobster for our craft. Tomorrow is National Lobster Day but we are doing a Johnny Appleseed craft tomorrow (Friday) (because Johnny Appleseed day is on Saturday) so we made a Lobster today.

I got the idea for this Lobster from Crafty Crafted. We decided to use black pipe cleaner for the antennae and googly eyes instead of thumb prints. After we had finished Eddie looked at it and this was the conversation we had:

Eddie – “The lobster is sad” Me – “Why?” Eddie – “He has no mouth” Me – “Do you want to give him a mouth?” Eddie – “Yes” Me – “Should he have a happy mouth?” Eddie – “Yes he wants to be happy”

So we gave him a happy pipe cleaner mouth too lol


I Scream You Scream – September 22nd

This craft was done on September 22nd.

Since it was National Ice Cream Cone Day we decided to make our own ice cream cone craft. This idea came from Learn to Grow. We took a piece of tan construction paper and I held a ruler in place for him to trace lines across it with a brown marker until it was covered in the diamond shapes of a waffle cone. I rolled and taped/glued the paper into a cone shape. Then we wadded up some tissue and glued it into the cone. After that Eddie covered the top with glue and filled it with cotton balls and then glued some more on those lol. He glued a pink pom pom on top to be the cherry and then he took his markers and poked all over the top to make rainbow sprinkles. ^_^