National Homemade Cookie Day! – October 1st

It was National Homemade Cookie Day so I had Eddie make his own “cookies” for our craft today. I pre-cut cookies out from a piece of white colored cardboard (a Papa Johns Pizza box to be specific lol) and I pre-cut some “toppings” for the cookies too. Then I let Eddie paint them whatever colors he wanted and then he glued the different toppings to his cookies. I found the idea from ikat bag while googling cookie crafts. 🙂

In the muffin tin the big white circles are our blank cookies and then the other cups are filled with the toppings. The other picture is our finished “cookies”!



Feeling a Little Squirrely! – September 30th

Eddie had a connect-the-dots coloring page where he connected the dots to finish the squirrel and then traced squirrel underneath. He decided he wanted his squirrel to be purple. 🙂 We also made a squirrel mask (it could easily double as a chipmunk mask) We did our mask a little different then on the website I found it on. Instead of just printing and coloring it in we used it as a stencil to make our mask out of construction paper and then I used pipe cleaners to make the band part. 😀

Connect-the-Dot Squirrel

Squirrel Mask (there is also a girl squirrel template)

IMAG00277 1